10 Key Flirting Signs from a Woman Every Man Should Recognize

Not sure if she’s showing you major signs of interest or just excessively friendly? How many of these flirting signs from a woman can you tick off?

Women are not as obvious as men when it comes to flirting. Of course, that’s a huge generalisation, but on the whole, you can’t always be sure of the flirting signs from a woman.

I am a woman, so I feel well equipped to give you the reason why. You see, we think men can read our minds. Of course, it’s obvious! Why shouldn’t you be able to tell exactly what we’re thinking?

But it’s not that obvious. It can be confused with friendliness, coyness, and sometimes, depending on the type of flirting, downright disdain!

Flirting signs from a woman to look out for

Perhaps we should be a little more obvious when it comes to whether or not we’re flirting or simply being friendly. But on the whole, there are some flirting signs from a woman you can look out for and help you decide whether or not you’re reading the situation correctly.

#1 She looks at you, then she looks away. Is there anything more confusing than someone who looks at you and then looks in another direction? I mean, do they mean to look at you? Was it a mistake? Are they disgusted? What’s going on?

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