10 Key Flirting Signs from a Woman Every Man Should Recognize

However, a woman who looks at you and then looks away, and perhaps sneaks another glance, is probably flirting with you a little.

#2 Playing with her hair. The twirling of the hair around the finger move is as old as time, but also generally playing with her hair and fidgeting a little. If you see this accompanied with any of the other flirting signs from a woman, it’s a pretty hard signal towards flirtation city!

#3 She tilts her head towards you and looks interested. Okay, so she could be genuinely  interested in what you’re saying, but if you notice this sign and it’s accompanied by any of the others, it’s likely to be flirtation. She wants to show you that she’s fascinated by what you have to say. She’s flattering you with her attention.

#4 Mirroring your body language. If you sit with your legs crossed, she might do the same. If you lean against the wall, she will probably do it too. She’s mirroring your body language. This is a big subconscious move. It’s also one of the clearest flirting signs from a woman.

#5 She smiles in a coy way. Coyness means that she wants you to notice that she’s interested, but she’s not ready to go all out and show it clearly. She’s testing the waters and seeing if you pick up on the signs and reciprocate. It’s also likely that the coy smile move is accompanied by her looking at you and then turning away move. Classic!

#6 Biting or licking her lips. If she’s talking you and looking at your lips or biting/licking her own lips, there is a very good chance that she’s flirting with you. She might be doing this on purpose or subconsciously. It’s a very flirtatious move. When you think about it, the lips are quite sexual, so she’s drawing attention to them and hoping that you show interest back.

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