4 Things Ruining Your Chances of Finding Your Soulmate

What’s Ruining Your Chances of Finding Your Soulmate?

Sometimes it seems like the chances of finding your soulmate are slim to none.  You may be feeling like you will never ever find your one true love!  I know.  In fact, you may even be burnt out with dating altogether.

But in this blog I’m going to give you four key reasons you haven’t found your soulmate and how to fix every single one of them!  In fact, you will be able to exponentially increase your chances of finding your soulmate after you see the patterns that are holding you back.  So let’s get started!

#1 Thing that is Ruining Your Chances of Finding Your Soulmate: Not asking yourself the right questions about your potential or new matches

Are you wondering if he is tall enough, or mega-successful, or handsome enough? These kind of questions have to do with more superficial issues.   Questions that are simply  focused on appearance, income or other externals will not get you to Soulmate love.   If these areas are your sole focus,  you are asking the wrong questions to screen in who makes it to your dating dance card.   You could easily wind up dating a narcissist, a player or someone who is not really into you for the long term.

Instead, here are three key questions that will lead you to your true soulmate. These three questions take you deeper in examining the true loving potential of each match.  They  separate what I call a DUD (Definitely Unworkable Dude) from a STUD (Seriously Terrific, Utterly Devoted Dude).  They weed out those who are heart-breakers or not good love matches. There is no perfect guy. But you can find a wonderful guy who is willing to grow into an almost perfect STUD!

When you meet someone, ask yourself the following questions to increase your chances of finding your soulmate..

Is this guy:

I. Crazy About Me?

  • Eager to see me
  • Reluctant to leave me
  • Interested in me and my life
  • Wants to be helpful
  • Is verbally and physically affectionate
  • Wants to be sexual with me
  • Acts like I am very special; doesn’t really want to date others
  • Willing to hang in there as I work the Program of Three

Contender to increase your chances of finding your soulmate= Yes on at least 4 of the above

II. Willing to Grow?

  • Takes suggestions or advice
  • Is self-reflective
  • Is willing to go to therapy or life coaching
  • Takes growth courses
  • Meditates or prays
  • Is in a 12-step program or men’s group

Contender to increase your chances of finding your soulmate = Yes on at least 2 of the above

III. Meeting the Basics?

  • Is a good guy—reliable, tells the truth, cares about others
  • Wants a real, committed relationship
  • Willing to have children if I want them
  • Has a good income and successful career
  • Is a member of my religious faith
  • Is not in an intimate relationship with anyone else
  • Shares some chemistry with you
  • Comes from a stable family of origin
  • Is geographically desirable

Contender to increase your chances of finding your soulmate = Yes on at least 4 of the above

A guy has to meet the standards in each of the categories to be eligible to be in the running. In fact, choosing from this pool of men will save you a lot of wasted time with men who are not into you, scoundrels who betray you, or narcissists who blame you for any and every problem. Using the DUD/STUD screening greatly increases your chances of finding your soulmate and sets you up to have a solid, long-lasting love relationship. This means that your partner is your best friend, but with great sex.

I know, I know—you can’t even get one good guy to date. Yes, you can, and you will. Keep on reading to find out how.

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