4 Tricks To Look Better in All Your Selfie Pictures

There several reasons why that picture you took in the lovely location didn't come out just about how you like it, and I will sharing some tips on how you can improve them with you here.

1. Always look at the lens of the camera.

When trying to take your next picture, you might want to try looking directly into the lens of the camera while taking the picture and also if the phone isn’t yours, wait a moment and ask for the location of the lens of the phone’s camera before taking the picture. This is super helpful also when taking pictures in front of the mirror. Most people just decide to look at themselves on the phone rather than looking at the lens in the mirror in front of them. You not only look natural and better you also usually have a brighter mood by looking at the lens.

2. Avoid taking photos with White coloured outfits.

What happens here is that when the light bounces on your white coloured outfit distorts the exposure of the lens and gives a poor quality picture another trick to this if the location is well lit, you might want to switch of the flash light of the camera and try taking a picture without the flash lights while putting on your white colored outfit or better still putting on a dark colored layer or jacket on your white outfit if possible.

3. Show off your accessories

Like the popular saying goes, if you have got it, flaunt it. Don’t be modest or shy about this, you bought it with your money, so you its yours and you can as well show it off in a couple of your pictures and add a little more life to your pictures next time. You might want to check out your favorite celebrities pictures, you will notice they always show it off on purpose, if not for anything it’s because it adds more spice to their pictures.

4.Elevate the camera, lower your face

I think its a common knowledge but I will still go ahead and share anyways. This is by far the best selfie position yet, it has proven to be the favorite of most social media influencers and celebrities, you can take a sneak peak at your favorite celebrities pictures for confirmation. 2 things happen when you raise your face or chin while elevating the camera as well. First people can see right through your nostrils and we don’t want that to happen do we? The second problem with that is the fact that the position makes your face looks unnatural and forced, you can try it out yourself and see the difference.

I will continue this post later as a continuation on another post, right now I have to take a break for the day, as I have been on the screen writing for 12 straight hours, I reached the target I set for myself of publishing published 10 articles today yikes! more to come soon. Good night lovelies.

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