70-Year-Old Man Beats Coronavirus And Receives 1M Hospital Bill

A Seattle man who beat the coronavirus after a 62-day long stay at the hospital received a $1.1 million bill after he was discharged.

According to News Dio, Michael Flor was shocked by the massive 181-page hospital bill after battling the coronavirus for two months and breaks it down during an interview with The Seattle Times. He was charged $408,912 for spending 42 days at an intensive care unit and $100,000 for treatment due to his heart, kidney, and lungs failing during the hospital stay. Lastly, $82,215 for using the hospital’s fan for 29 days.

However, Flor experienced survivor’s guilt due to the number of taxpayers’ dollars used to help keep him alive. He says, “I feel guilty about surviving. There’s a feeling of Why me? Why did I deserve all of this?’ Looking at the incredible cost of everything definitely adds to that survivor’s guilt. “

His health insurance will be able to cover the costs and Flor might a small portion or not at all due to being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“It was a million dollars to save my life and of course I would say it is money well spent. But I also know that I might be the only one to say that.”

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