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Awkward Fashion Trends We Are Side-Eyeing on Behalf of Nigerians

Grace Henry

Posted on September 20 2017

Although the fashion shows for 2018 are not over (NY fashion week literally just finished), we have already noticed a number of trends – especially for Spring 2018 – on the runway. And while some of these trends are just fabulous and easy to pull off, some are just not going to cut it for us here in Lagos. Not necessarily because they are too abstract or they are tacky (they are actually brilliant and can work for some people), they are just not practical for Lagos: the people and the city.

Fanny Packs
So after being forced to wear fanny packs for at least 3 weeks in NYSC camp, we are now being cajoled to believe that they are hip and should be an item in our wardrobe for 2018. Hmmnnn…wonders! When you are not an attendant at the fuel station or hawk “abacha” on the streets? The bags shown by designers such as Karl Lagerfield and Chanel are part of a new trend called “gorpcore,” meant to give a sort of camping-chic twist…but then, who cares?


We get how these “gender neutral” pieces are edgy and a detour from the conventional, but we (Lagos), no matter how “tear-eye” we are, are not there yet. Men in skirts and tunics have been featured in a number of designer collections for Spring 2018, including Alexander McQueenThom BrowneBalmain at the Paris Fashion Week. In fact, Browne even put the models in a heeled version of the oxford shoe so they can really pull off the look. Hmn.

Unless the man is as bold as Hushpuppi or Denrele, they are going to feel awkward AF rocking this trend in Lagos because our society is too uptight and we are not ready for such right now. Someone will either blow the whistle on you for a 14 years treatment, or you get really ridiculed on social media. Perhaps we will consider this trend in the year 2764.

cc: BN Style.

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