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How To Dress Well- A Woman's Perspective!

Grace Henry

Posted on August 07 2017

Focus on fit. If clothes fit poorly, no matter how attractive or fashionable, you will not look well-dressed. Tight clothes look cheap and make you look heavy. Clothes that are too large will make you look sloppy.

Just because you can get into the clothing does not mean it necessarily fits properly.

How an item is supposed to fit depends also on styling. For instance, shift dresses.

Dresses can be difficult to fit properly because most women wear different sizes in tops and bottoms. Dress fit well if the neckline lies flat whether you are sitting or standing, All seams should lay flat and straight (unless perhaps the styling is purposefully not in that way). The material shouldn't pull or pucker around the chest or hips. The garment should fit snug but not tight.

If you’ve gained or lost weight recently, evaluate your wardrobe. Discard or alter clothes that no longer fit correctly.


Learn which colors look best on you. Look at the veins inside your wrist. Do they look green or more blue?

If they look green, you have a skin tone with a yellow base. Warm colors will look better on you. Try off-white, red, yellow, orange, and brown, as well as yellow-tinted greens and blues. Avoid pastels.

If they look blue, you have a skin tone with a pink base. Cooler colors will look better on you. Try white, pastels, and jewel tones.

When in doubt, stick to mostly neutral colors. Black, gray, and brown look fabulous on nearly everyone. Add pops of  brighter color here and there – a bright blue necklace or a deep red belt, for example – to make your outfits look interesting.



Dress your problem areas appropriately. Many women have areas that they do not really like to show off--even fashion models have this issue! Also, if you are following a modest dress code or prefer to do so, buy items that do not bring focus to areas that you would rather not. For example, if you are uncomfortable showing your legs, avoid buying mini-skirts.


Focus on classic, rather than trendy, styles. Dress your body in attractive, flattering clothes that work for your figure. Sometimes today's trends will do this for you and sometimes it is wiser not to follow the trends. Forcing yourself into certain colors, cuts, and styles because the fashion magazines are featuring them will not make you well dressed. Wear what suits you best.

But be willing to experiment! You may be surprised by how a new style may flatter your appearance.

Be careful about taking fashion magazines at face value. Very often, they are trying to "sell" you on certain styles and brands. Fashion can also be very regional. What is in style in Taiwan may or may not be what is cool in Nigeria.


PS- Next post is for the men, keep tabs.

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