Bobrisky Leaks Chat With Cross Dresser James Brown As Their Fight Get Messy


Things are getting really dirty between James Brown and Bobrisky. Fight broke out between the two when James Brown went on social media to say Bob is always using filters

Reacting, Bobrisky wrote;

“Have been calm nobody is warning that lowlife idiot using my name to clout chase up and down. But if I take any step now some of you useless goats will open your mouth and say I should free him cause he’s too small for me”. I can’t waste my time on that dead ☠️ body!!!

But I will use my lawyer to deal with him. Since he can’t control his wide mouth authorities will help him close it. He has kuku said he is not afraid to visit his former jail. I will use my right plug to deal with him. If you come to preach to me to forgive one idiot I will block u.”

Meanwhile, a chat between Bob and James surfaced online in which she the cross dresser was apologizing to Bob. See below..

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