Famous Dancehall Dancer Bumpa Dies After Performing Stunt

The famous dancehall dancer Bumpa died after a stunt she performed ended in tragedy.

According to Urban Islandz, Bumpa died on Thursday after sustaining serious injuries to her neck while performing a dangerous move with another dancer partner. The dancer named Momo said on her social media page that people are blaming her for Bumpa’s death and claimed bodyweight was a factor in her death.

 “Me a go over her and me bodyweight come down but a nuh di whole a me bodyweight me put over her. But the bodyweight weh me put dung pan her, and she go down pan her neck, yo understand.”

Fans of Bumpa are urging Momo to turn herself into the police but it is unclear if officers have approached her about the incident or if she will face charges at this time. Bumpa is survived by her two sons and relatives.

Press play to learn more in the video below and share your thoughts in the video below.

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