“Grammy Award Is Antichrist” – Man Explains Why Davido Won’t Win Grammys


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A Nigerian Twitter user has explained why Davido will not win a Grammy award.

The user @captdanky argued that since Grammy award is antichrist and Davido is a child of God, it’ll be vanity for him to win the Grammy awards.

He said,

Grammy award is antichrist(666). Davido is a child of God and son of Grace. Would never sell his soul to the devil for vanity sake.
Keep celebrating Wizkid and Burnaboy on earth. Davido will be celebrated in Heaven.
Saith the Lord. Amen!”

He also notes that Davido is a son of grace and thus the enemies can’t tempt him.

“If you’ve checked the history and symbol of Grammy award then you will understand the Satanic powers in it.
@davido God is with you. The enemies can’t tempt you”, he added.

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