Hip Hop World Rallies Round DMX As Rapper Is Hospitalised, Aftermath Of Drug Overdose.


Reports have it that Rapper DMX was hospitalized onFriday night after suffering a heart attack that was caused by drug overdose.

The Rapper was said to have been taken to a hospital in White Plains After an overdose at his home around 11 p.m. DMX is in the intensive care unit and doctors were said to be afraid as he’s in a vegetative state and may not make it out alive.

DMX has battled substance abuse for years, he last checked into a rehab facility in October 2019, less than nine months after he was released from prison on tax evasion charges.

Meanwhile, some of his colleagues in the industry has thrown their support at X with Jarule, Missy Elliot, Rick Ross and TI storming the social media to say a prayer and some words of encouragement for their associate.

“Shake back Big Bro. We made plans Maaaan We got shit to do!!!” wrote T.I. “We laughed so hard about how far we’ve made it in life this night. I appreciate you so much for pulling up & and checking on a ni**a. So now I’m tellin’ you like you told me…This too shall pass… #PrayersUpForDMX.”

DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, reportedly said he had spoken to the family and confirmed I his statement that he had an heart attack. He also says the rapper was on life support.

“I received a call this morning that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, at the White Plains Hospital, and that he had a heart attack, and I’m not sure how it was induced and that he’s on life support,” Richman said.
He however did not mention that X suffered from an overdose.

“I’ve spoken to the family and the family and I are quite close with each other. I am concerned about his well-being and mindful of his significance. I have known Earl for over 25 years and I believe that his music is quite poignant, very important. He’s truly a poet of our time,” Richman said.

X’s children are said to be flying in to show support to their dad.

We wish pray he see this through.

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