Kanye West Latest Partnership Reportedly Shoots Him Up To The Richest Black Man In U. S History

Kanye West has recently attracted so much attention for his upcoming Gap collection, and the value estimate for collaboration makes it greatly clear.


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Bloomberg has reports that the Partnership between Kanye and Gap, which is expected to arrive in stores later this year, could be valued as high as $970 million. Kanye is currently valued at $3.2 billion to $4.7 billion, estimates from UBS Group have revealed. Per the report, ’Yeezy also has $122 million in cash and stock, $110 million for his music catalog, and $1.7 billion in other assets including Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand.

If these figures are something to go by, that would mean Kanye’s business ventures have a total estimated value of $5.1 billion to $6.6 billion. People puts Kanye’s estimate valuation at $6.6 billion.

In 2020, Forbes has it that Kanye had an estimated worth of $1.3 billion thanks to his Yeezy empire. That figure was disputed by Kanye, who said he was worth more than $3 billion. Later that year, during an episode of Nick Cannon’s Cannon’s Class, Kanye claimed his net worth was $5 billion after the Gap deal. “So look, this year it was simple,” he said at the time, per Business Insider. “I was on the Bloomberg list…[and] they finally recognized that my net worth at that time was $3.3 billion. And then my net worth almost doubled after I did the Gap deal to $5 billion.”

Despite partnering with Adidas for the Yeezy brand, Kanye retains complete ownership and control. He signed a 10-year agreement to design and sell clothes under the Yeezy Gap label last year, although the deal excludes footwear. The current Yeezy partnership with Adidas will last until 2026.

The latest figures show that Gap is expecting the Yeezy Gap line to bring in $150 million in sales in 2022, although the plan is to launch by this July. Gap believes the collaboration will become a billion-dollar brand within eight years and could bring in $1 billion by 2023.

“I spoke to Yeezy last night and he’s very, very focused on this incredible opportunity,” said Gap’s CEO Sonia Syngal when providing an update on the line earlier this month.

Kanye has been showing off pieces from the partnership since July of last year. Yeezy Gap is expected to offer co-branded apparel for men, women, and children when it hits store shelves this year.

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