Lori Harvey Stops Robbers From Stealing Rolls-Royce

Just months after Lori Harvey’s car accident/arrest, it looks like the model has gotten into another scary situation.

According to TMZ, someone tried to steal her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan at an apartment complex in Atlanta on Wednesday night. Apparently, one suspect snuck behind her in the parking lot as she was getting something from her trunk. The robber went to the driver’s seat and tried to take off, but Lori reportedly ran towards him and tried to stop him.

Eventually, she realized the car couldn’t go anywhere if she just walked away with the key fob, and so she did. However, according to the police report, someone else pulled up on Lori and stole her red duffel bag from the trunk, which only had clothes in them. The two suspects eventually fled off. Cops say Lori didn’t complain of any injuries and refused medical treatment.

TMZ notes that they reportedly made a clean getaway, Lori told police she was returning from Whole Foods, so cops are now glint to look to see if any surveillance cameras may have captured the suspects tailing her into the lot.

They reportedly made a clean getaway, but according to the report, they didn’t get much. The duffel bag was the only item stolen, and it only contained some clothing.

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