Nigerian Man Narrates How He Lost His Beloved Daughter To going Doctors Strike.


A Twitter user has come on social media to lament hoe he lost his beloved daughter due to the on going doctors strike. He took his ill daughter to the hospital and there were no doctors in attendance.

He tweeted;

“Yesterday, I was at the hospital. My little daughter needed a blood transfusion, I went to the nearest Government hospital only to be told Doctors are on strike. Consequently, I went to a nearby custom hospital and got her admitted. At a heavy cost. My March salary is gone.

It’s like in Nigeria, the only hospitals that work are those attached to the military and paramilitary institutions. In all this, the President is in London, getting the best Medicare at the expense of taxpayers. May God not give us such leaders like Muhammadu Buhari ever!!”

Read his tweet below

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