Tips That Help To Avoid Online Business Frauds

Scammers are everywhere, even when you want to do your business honestly you might fall prey to someone’s scamming tactics. You might not even understand when you have become the victim of a fraudulent case until you find yourself losing money or some personal financial information.

There are many ways you can save your business from scams. As technology is evolving, there are several cybersecurity apps you can use, and the government bodies are always ready to help you when you are in doubt. However, here are 4 basic ways to stay away from scams.

Avoid Strange Emails

Scammers use text messages or email to trick you into providing them with your personal information. They try to steal your password, SSN, account numbers, and so on. When those details are available to them, they can gain access to your bank accounts, email, and other places that were previously password protected.

Scammers have so many phishing techniques that they use every day. They also update their tactics every now and then, but some signs will let you understand the system they are using through email or text messages. The email might look like a company you can trust, they can be in the guise of a bank, a credit card company, social networking site, online store, a website, or an app. If you’re feeling suspicious, you must use an email lookup tool to check if you are mailed from a scamming agency.

Avoid Financial Conversations

There are also financial scammers out there who can call you about their offers, and if you are unable to identify them, use reverse number lookup app to check on their authenticity. These scammers often prey on individuals who have previously denied to take a loan.

If you are a business owner, you must avoid some types of loans, and for that, you have to go to a legitimate company. If you get a call from a debt collector, it can be stressful, but it also might be a scam. If the caller uses profanity, lies, and threats to make you pay, you must not get frightened and take proper action against the company. As these people are not lawyers, so they do not have the authority to collect the debts.

If you receive a strange call from an unknown number use Spokeo to find out the personality of the caller.


If you receive a strange call from an unknown caller, you can use the Spokeo app to find out the person. The app is efficient enough to show you the personality of the caller (if available), his social media profiles, criminal records, and you will even get to identify someone on a missed call.

You can block and ignore the calls when you get a ring from telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, and debt collectors. You can report and share the scam numbers to the Spokeo community. More than 18 million people use this app, and you get the best features like the background check of the caller, and you can search them by their email or addresses.

Protect Business Website with Cybersecurity Apps

There are some good apps out there that can help you identify the scammers.


Other than phone number search apps, you can use a network protocol analyzing tool like Wireshark. This captures particular traffic and the communication between two IP addresses or DNS. This is a very user-friendly app, and it works for both non-profit and commercial and governmental agencies. You can look up a stray IP and check if it has any suspicious activities. You can check to review the file later on too.


This app is for application and operating system level. This is a powerful open-source software that scans against a set of IP addresses. The process the app uses can be reversed.


This is a small network mapper and is a free app. This provides security audits and discovers suspicious networks. This can scan the conversations happens between the IP addresses, and it also detects remote devices. A network administrator can use this app to identify the ports that are open on the system.

There are also Websecurity, Aircrack-ng, and other tools available online. You can check their services, and install the one that suits you best.

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