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Work in California, USA: Customer Support Representative at Nexon

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The Customer Support Representative is responsible for answering escalated T2 tickets, and passing of judgment upon questioned accounts. As a true advocate for our player base, the Customer Support Representative will also report game issues and feedback to the Production Team to maintain a high level of player satisfaction, review our Help Centers and draft knowledgebase articles as needed, create and revise policies, assist with in-game GM events, and provide coaching or answer any inquiries from outsourced agents.


  • Maintain competency and understanding of all tickets for their assigned projects/titles. Accurately, quickly, and efficiently provide answers to player issues across multiple support channels based on Nexon America’s company policy.
  • Coordinate with internal and outside partners on various in-game issues, updates, etc. to ensure that we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Identify patterns or common issues players are reporting using data and player feedback to suggest feature updates, player compensation, or issue resolution to Production.
  • Review outsource handled tickets to ensure our agents follow the proper procedures. If there is an issue, assess if it is due to the process itself (and revise if needed) or forward the ticket to the OS Leads for further review. Host weekly calls with OS Team to keep agents up-to-date with new game content, events, emerging issues, etc.
  • Create and streamline new or existing processes for internal use as well as updating and creating player-facing documentation for our Help Centers.
  • Test existing live game operation tools and request new tool features or updates to Production as needed.
  • Work with the InfoSec Team to investigate banned accounts for hacking, botting, real money trading, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Types of decisions made by this position?

  • In-game item restoration requests within approved compensation guidelines (guidelines set and agreed upon with stakeholders across several departments)
  • NX, and other in-game currency refund requests
  • Account sanctions due to player reports (harassment, hacking, real money trading) or live in-game monitoring
  • 1+ year of game industry Customer Support experience

Work Experience

  • 1+ year of game industry Customer Support experience

Education, Professional Training, Technical Training or Certification

  • College degree or equivalent game-related work experience preferred


  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good typing skills
  • Customer Relationship Management tool experience preferred (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.)
  • JIRA, Confluence experience preferred
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Proficient with GSuite products

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