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Work in Texas, USA: Food Production Team Member at Gattis Pizza

Gatti’s Pizza is looking for reliable people who love to work and provide quality results.

Are you a hands-on worker? Do you see something that needs to be done and just get it done? Can you turn a pile of work into a pile of work done?

Our Food Production Team Members are the heart of our business. We are a pizza joint, and without them, we wouldn’t have any food to sell or the cleanliness every guest looks for in a restaurant.

Some of the positions in this category are:

  • Pizza Make / Cut
  • Prep/Cook
  • Dough Production
  • Dishwasher

Our Food Production Team Members focus on the food and operations of the restaurant. They need to be able to interact with our guests and provide positive interaction, but they will be “food first.”

Your primary role in the restaurant is to make pizzas, get them cut and boxed or out on the buffet, make the morning dough, complete daily prep tasks, and clean up.

Without Team Members that cares about quality, we wouldn’t have the “Best Pizza in Town.”

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