You could Travel to this California Island for just $4.98 a night


  • Hotel Atwater is celebrating its 100th birthday with $5 rooms, which is how much a night’s stay cost when it opened in 1920.
  • The hotel is located on Catalina Island, and it’s an hourlong ferry ride or quick helicopter ride from Los Angeles.
  • Guests are required to stay for two nights, and the second night is charged at the current-day rate. The offer is available for the first 100 bookings.

Hotel Atwater on Catalina Island, California is celebrating its milestone 100th birthday this year. In honor of its centennial, the hotel is hosting a major bash all summer long and everyone’s invited. Best of all, joining in on the festivities will cost you under $5.

This historic hotel is located just a one-hour ferry ride or 15-minute helicopter ride from Los Angeles. Since its opening in 1920, the hotel has maintained its art deco charm, with decor inspired by its namesake, Helen Atwater Wrigley, yes of the chewing gum family, who “adored her prized carnations and a nightly glass of champagne.” And now, to honor its centennial celebration the hotel is bringing it all back to the beginning by offering 100 rooms at its 1920 rate of $4.98 per night.


The offering will be valid for Sunday to Thursday stays in July with a two-night minimum (the rates for the second night start at $228). And, as the hotel says, “an opportunity like this only comes around once in a century.”

As for what guests can expect with a stay, the hotel is truly a glorious time capsule of 1920s style, with a glamorous seaside feel. Its bright white walls are offset with pops of blues and greens to mimic the gorgeous waters surrounding the island.

And though the hotel was built in the 1920s, each room has been meticulously upgraded to include all the amenities one would come to expect from a modern and luxurious hotel. That includes plush bedding, oversized baths, and for larger rooms, a balcony overlooking the water below.

With the $4.98 per night offer, guests will get accommodations in one of the guest rooms, access to the hotel’s bicycles to explore the island, and of course an in-room bottle of bubbly (just like Mrs. Wrigley liked it) upon check-in.

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